Introducing UserOS Home Server 8.04

I don’t feel as though I’ve stopped in the last six weeks but as of Wednesday, the October 2008 issue of PC User goes on sale with our brand-new operating system, UserOS Home Server.

Basically, we’ve looked at what Microsoft has done with Windows Home Server to see if we couldn’t do better with our own operating system aimed specifically at home entertainment and centralised storage.

UserOS Home Server is the most advanced operating system we’ve developed to-date. We started with Xubuntu 8.04 and in the same size ISO image as the original Xubuntu release, we’ve loaded in a rich seem of applications that turn it into what we think is a pretty decent Home Server operating system.

We’ve included centralised backup that allows you to set up automatic backup of client PCs.

We’ve included media streaming so you can use UserOS Home Server has a central music server and play music to various PCs around your home over your wired or wireless network.

We’ve included various options for remote desktop, either using a web-based client or remote desktop client so you can control the Home Server remotely from any client PC on the network.

And finally, we’ve incorporated MythTV to enable you, in conjunction with a digital TV tuner card, to stream digital TV around your home network.

Unlike many other “server”-grade operating systems, we’ve worked hard to reduce the need for console/commandline interaction to an absolute minimum.

You’ll find all the details, a copy of the operating system plus an exclusive video tutorial on how to setup and use the centralised backup feature in the October 2008 issue of PC User, on sale this Wednesday.

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  1. June 21, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Hi Darren. We have been using an old PC running Win2KPro as a print server plus limited file storage. My wife’s new education dept laptop (Vista) will not access it. (Keeps asking for password but won’t accept admin.. with blank PW which I have set up on the old PC.)
    Possibly due to the fact that her laptop is on a domain at her school. (My son’s new Vista laptop works fine)
    Would UserOS Home Server enable me to set up a domain by the same name as her school domain?
    It’s becoming a pain as all 3 of our printers are parallel (not supported by her laptop)
    Barry L.

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