UserOS Home Server 8.04 and digital TV

One of the cool features in UserOS Home Server is its ability to stream digital TV around your home network, thanks to the inclusion of MythTV.

While the process works well, MythTV is limited to the number of digital TV tuner cards it supports. In short, you’ll find better support for internal PCI card type tuners than USB dongle types. However, that should change as MythTV continues to evolve.

We tested the MythTV part of UserOS Home Server using a DVICO DVB-T Plus card and it worked flawlessly. We didn’t even have to install any drivers.

UserOS Home Server is based on Xubuntu 8.04 and comes in a LiveCD ISO image about the same size as the original Xubuntu 8.04 distro. You can get UserOS Home Server on the cover disc of the October 2008 issue of PC User on sale now.

1 comment for “UserOS Home Server 8.04 and digital TV

  1. Dan Arentz
    October 1, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    Hi Darren
    I have set up UserOS Home Server 8.04 at home and everything except Digital TV is working fine. I am using a Compro DVB T200A PCI card. Myth TV recognises the card but the channel scan shows actinity but reports no signal. I have seen reports on the net that MythTV can sometimes lock the card as NTSC so when PAL is selected ther is no signal on the channel scan. I am a Linux novice with very little skill. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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