UserOS Home Server – screenshots

UserOS Home Server - LiveCD boot screen

UserOS Home Server - LiveCD boot screen

Based on Xubuntu 8.04, UserOS Home Server 8.04 includes a number of apps to provide the “home server” functions Xubuntu by default lacks.

They include:

* BackupPC – allowing you to use Home Server as a central backup server for all of your home PCs and notebooks.

* VLC – handles the job of streaming videos and music around your home network. It can even transcode videos for low-bandwidth networks.

UserOS Home Server - default desktop

UserOS Home Server - default desktop

* MythTV – stream digital TV around your home network and even use it to view multiple sub-channels with a single digital TV tuner card at the same time.

* Vino – simple but effective remote desktop tool allows you to remote access the server via any Linux or Windows client PC.

Plus, all of the usual features we include inside our UserOS operating systems…

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