UserOS ULTRA 7.10 – any downloads?

There have been plenty of people looking for a download of PC User’s UserOS ULTRA operating system.

For the time being at least, we have decided not to offer it as a download option. Apart from the fact that the bandwidth costs would be crippling, we are working on UserOS ULTRA 8.10, which would make 7.10 a bit redundant.

We’re currently waiting for Canonical to release Xubuntu 8.10 to begin work on the operating system proper however, we’re looking into updating the PC User-added applications.

At the time UserOS ULTRA 7.10 was released, there’s was a bit of controversy amongst a few readers that we pulled out the GIMP image editor. I have to admit not being a fan of GIMP as I’m used to the more Windows-like tools such as Photoshop and Corel PhotoPaint. It was also necessary to remove it to keep the OS distro down to our 470MB goal.

And as Canonical keeps upping the size of its Xubuntu distro, we’re going to be hard pressed to keep it under that target level.

What we hope to be able to do though is include some of our up-coming applications inside the OS as well as maintain all of the latest updates, including Firefox 3.0.

As I said in our original release of UserOS Ultra in the March 2008 issue, we wanted the OS to be ultra-fast, ultra-lean and ultra-featured – and you simply can’t do all that and keep inside a 470MB LiveCD distro by having all of the more space-hungry apps still inside.

In the meantime, UserOS Extreme 8.04, which we released in our August 2008 issue is still available as a back issue that you can pick up from MagShop at This OS, based on Ubuntu 8.04 is loaded with extra applications, features and games and would be an ideal way to start off a brand new budget PC.

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