Q&A – What’s the difference between HD and Full HD?

tvA. Full HD is generally the term used by TV manufacturers and retailers to denote that a TV has 1920×1080-pixel – or 1080p – resolution. This is the maximum resolution supported by Blu-ray movies and to show a Blu-ray movie on a TV at its best, you need a Full HD TV to show the full resolution.

HD on its own when you’re talking about TVs can mean anything – it can mean a full HD TV with true 1080p resolution. It can also mean an old plasma that has 1024×768-pixel resolution or 1366×768-pixel resolution and has a high-definition (HD) TV tuner on-board.

So if you see anything being sold as an “HDTV”, just check its native screen resolution. If it’s not 1920×1080-pixels, either steer clear of it or make sure you don’t pay as much for it as a comparable Full HD TV.

If you do, you’ll be wasting your money.

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