Ubuntu 10.04 is out!

ubuntu1004Ubuntu 10.04 is finally out! You can grab a copy here.

Having played with the first Beta and the Release Candidate, I’m hopeful that 10.04 could be a bit of a breakout release for Canonical and for Linux in general.

There are many different releases of Linux (including PC User’s own UserOS series) however, the theme and styling chosen for 10.04 is definitely the cleanest Canonical has produced so far.

What’s more, it’s nice that this has coincided with a “long term support” release – that means it’ll be good for three years rather than the usual 18 months.

Work will begin on the next version of UserOS very shortly…

1 comment for “Ubuntu 10.04 is out!

  1. Mark Shaw
    May 1, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    gday darren,
    i have a few questions regarding the new UserOS operatng system you are releasing.
    1.What will the name be… UserOS______________10.04
    2. Will it be full of apps like UserOS Extreme9.04 or will it be like UserOS Ultra9.10, a pc recovery system
    3.Will you be including your twitter client that you have compiled your self.

    Mark Shaw

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