UserOS operating systems and Wi-Fi wireless networking

The response we’ve had from UserOS Select has been terrific with a number of users loving the idea of having their own mini repository to install apps from.

However, there has been growing interest in users wanting to know how our PC User distros cope with wireless networking.

The answer is “mostly okay” for the latest releases to “not so good” for the earlier ones. The reason for this is that the Linux kernel is slowly improving the number of Wi-Fi device drivers it has on-board, ready to go.

But it’s far from perfect.

We used Ubuntu 10.04 as the base for our latest UserOS Select operating system, using Linux 2.6.32 kernel. Having tested it with two D-Link Wi-Fi sticks, I had no trouble getting an older DWL-G122 working but no end of trouble when using a newer DWA-125. The DWA-125 has known issues on Linux and there are a number of fixes around that appear to work, however, none of them are simple.

If you’re considering going wireless, I recommend you look for an adapter that is known to work easily with Ubuntu 10.04 – it’s a reasonably safe bet that if it works on Ubuntu 10.04, it’ll work on UserOS Select 10.04. As usual, there are no guarantees here so I can’t promise every device will work. All I can say is that the Wi-Fi driver issue with Linux has improved markedly – it’s just not bullet-proof yet.

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