Free set-top boxes? Has Labor lost the plot?

I don’t normally comment on political matters but I can’t let this one go through to the ‘keeper.

Frankly, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one stunned like a mullet over federal treasurer Wayne Swan’s “bold initiative” to give older Australians a free set-top box.

First off, what a great way to insult an entire generation. Clearly, once you’re on a pension, your ability to understand technology must fly out the window and you’re not capable of figuring out what a set-top box is or even how to install it yourself. Of course, this generation has never seen a VCR or TV set before or any other form of technology so they obviously need the government to step in and save the day.

But what’s even more astounding is the government’s projection that it’ll cost $400 to install one $30 set-top box on a pensioner’s telly.

All I can say is quick, where can I sign up to be an installer!???!! $400 for about 15 minutes’ work? You little beauty! Talk about money for old rope!

However, here’s another option – why not just give pensioners the $400, let them buy their own set-top box and keep the $370 change? Seriously, it’s better off in their pockets because this will end up as little more than a “money for jam” scam at this rate.

If you can use a computer, surf the internet, send emails, edit photos from your digital camera, then you can certainly setup a set-top box. Crikey, they just about set themselves up!

Just one thing – did Labor actually ask anyone on a pension whether they wanted a set-top box?


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