Sharing Linux printers with Windows 7 client PCs

It seems that sharing printers connected to a Linux computer so they can be seen on a Windows 7 computer on the same network isn’t as easy as it should be.

Even if you go through the process of setting on the printer on the Linux computer and setting it to “shared”, Windows 7 computers will still fail to see it.

This is particularly true if you’re trying to combine CUPS with Samba so that you can see the printer in Windows Explorer.

It looks like the problem may have to do with Samba not starting correctly.

Assuming you’re running an Ubuntu/Debian/UserOS computer, start up a Terminal and type:

sudo service smbd restart

and press Enter.

If you now go back to your Windows 7 computer, go to Windows Explorer, click on Network and search your Linux computer, it should now come up with the shared printer. Use your Add Printer Wizard in Windows 7 and you should be able to map and print to it.

There’s no typically no need to modify /etc/samba/smb.conf or anything else – this worked for me.

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