Will Windows 8.1 bring back the Start button?

win8startWe’re starting to see the first leaks of the next version of Windows, Windows 8.1 or ‘Blue’ but while the leaks haven’t shown anything seriously different (apart from the new ‘Kiosk mode’), there are rumours starting to float around that Microsoft might actually go back to providing the old Start button and menu.

While you can guarantee that the Metro/Modern/whateveritis UI will remain, there’ll be plenty of happy people if the Start button does reappear – starting with computer makers and sellers.

Recent reports are that the global computer market fell 14% in the first quarter of 2013 with market analysts IDC putting the blame squarely on Microsoft’s shoulders with a lacklustre launch of Windows 8.

But if Microsoft brings the Start button back and adds in a few new tricks into Windows 8.1, combine that with the new Intel Haswell chips on the way and it could make for a very different second-half of the year for computer fans.

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