APC Magazine’s June 2013 issue

apc1306This month’s issue of APC magazine has been a busy one for me with a big feature on Intel’s up-coming Haswell-codenamed processor.

We go inside the silicon, looking at the new features and why power consumption is the new black in computing.

In Masterbuilder, I put together a solid PC/gaming server build for under $900.

There’s also my Android Masterclass on how to return your rooted and ROM’d smartphone back to original condition using Samsung’s popular Galaxy S2/3 smartphones as the guide.

And finally, there’s my Arduino masterclass – this month, we look at how you can turn an Arduino Uno board and $10 worth of arcade gaming parts into a retro-style Space Invaders gaming console.

The June 2013 issue of APC magazine is available now from newsagents, Coles and Woolies or you can subscribe through magshop.com.au.

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