[UPDATED][Download] Link for APC UserBench Encode HD benchmark


Looks like the monkeys got stuck into the APC website over the last couple of days.

If you’re looking for the download link for my APC UserBench Encode HD benchmark, you’ll find it at:


Instructions are in the issue but remember, it comes with no warranty whatsoever – use it at your own risk.

That said, it is basically the same version I developed for PC User in 2011 with the same basic source code – that means if you have old copies of PC User, you’ll be able to compare results you see on your system with those PC User issues too.

As for Linux and Mac OS X versions, I’m pretty busy at the moment but I hope to get to them some time soon and make available a fully cross-platform benchmark.

UPDATE: 15-June-2013: The original file looks like it corrupted itself when it uploaded a week or so ago. I’ve now re-uploaded it to the server, downloaded it again and it works. Apologies to those who tried and found the NSIS-error – that’s not what you were supposed to get… :)

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