My new stories in APC magazine – December 2013 issue out now

bitfenixI’ve had a busy month this month in APC magazine –

* In the return of ‘Master Builder’, I look at how to put together a custom Steam gaming box build around Mini-ITX hardware, plus a second one suited to home theatre use.

* With the hardware taken care of, I also look at setting up the software – not just Steam, but also XBMC. I’ve also included details on how to add short-cuts to each app for the other, so you can start XBMC from within Steam and Steam within XBMC.

* We tie up the loose ends on the ‘Build your own Android ROMs‘ masterclass as well as how you can add root access manually to your ROM builds.

* And finally, we reboot our Arduino masterclass with a look at the major Arduino boards available (including the new Intel Galileo) as well as how to use the Arduino IDE software.

If Arduino is something you’ve been interested to have a play with but you’re not sure where to start, make sure you pick up this issue of APC magazine. It’ll give you all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to get started and you’ll be ready to begin building my projects in the following months. With Arduino clone boards available from eBay for under $8 including shipping, it’s a fantastic way to dip your toe into the electrical engineering waters.

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