The new Arduino-powered Rolly Mk. II robot – now up at

riiFully-automated rolling robots don’t have to cost much, particularly now that there’s a low-cost acrylic chassis available that makes the job much easier.

I’ve built a few robots now over the last year or so, but this is the cheapest and easiest to get going so far.

The original Mk. I robot used a kitchen container lid as the chassis but using a readily-available eBay kit, you can now build a more robust model. Like the original, the Mk. II features ultrasonic eyes on a rotating ‘neck’ to better keep track of its surroundings.

What’s more, I’m giving away the source code or ‘sketch’ for this one and you’ll find it over at APC magazine.

The brains behind the Mk. II is the basic Arduino Uno microcontroller board with Atmel’s brilliantly useful ATMEGA328P 16MHz/8-bit microcontroller. It might be getting a bit long in the tooth these days, but this is still a highly versatile little microcontroller that’s dirt cheap and can be pressed into 101 different roles.

So if you feel like getting your inner DIY on, why not take a look and give it a build yourself.

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