New iPad Air & Mini reviews on APC wesbite

ipadairIn one of my recent features for APC magazine, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest iterations of Apple’s popular iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display tablets.

You can read the full reviews by following the links above to the APC website.

But it’s interesting that in Apple’s recently announced quarterly results, sales of iPad tablets are falling while the iPhone continues to be the company’s cash cow.

There is growing disquiet that with the up-coming larger-screened iPhone 6 not far away, there’ll be little to differentiate the phone from an iPad, putting further pressure on sales.

My 20cents on that is this – the one thing that will keep the iPad above water will be price. I can’t believe the iPhone 6 won’t come with a sizeable price premium and I’ll be absolutely surprised if the iPhone 6 appears at the same price as the iPhone 5S. That price premium I believe will be enough to keep interest in the iPad.

Sure, most people will go for an iPhone 6 on contract rather than as an outright purchase – and if reports of up to 80million of the new phones being manufactured to meet the expected demand are anywhere near accurate, it’s going to be one heck of a product launch. But even so, although Apple has said nothing about the up-coming phone, I think it’s highly unlikely you’ll see phone carriers offering better than $90 per month phone-plus-network contracts in Australia for an iPhone 6 over two years.

That sort of money will keep the iPad an option for the rest of us.


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