Software for the Arduino Enigma Cipher Machine

ardenigIn the current August 2014 issue of APC Magazine, I’ve written about a functional-replica of an Enigma Cipher Machine that I’ve designed and built using an Arduino Uno microcontroller board.

But if you’re looking for the software, it’s on the APC magazine website but at in the August 2014 section.

Hopefully, it will be transferred to the regular Arduino page ( page shortly.

Sorry for the confusion.

The Arduino Enigma displays everything on a 16×2-LCD module shield and accepts data you enter using a standard PS/2 keyboard. In the story, we show you how to build the Arduino Enigma plus how to use it to code messages using the exact same data as a genuine Enigma machine.

You can get all the details in the August 2014 issue of APC magazine, on sale now.

[UPDATE: 11-Aug-2014 1:50pm – the code is now available on the normal APC magazine Arduino page listed above. DY.]

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