How to use my APC Arduino project code

unovsmicroOver the last little while, I’ve had a few readers looking for help on how to get started with Arduino projects and my APC Arduino Masterclass series in particular.

The first thing you’ll need is the Arduino integrated development environment or IDE – this is where you write your code or load my .ino source code (called ‘sketches’ in Arduino-speak) and program your Arduino Uno board. Grab this from (Windows users, Mac OS X and Linux users can grab the code from

Next, head to the APC Masterclass series, pick a project and grab the zip file for that project. Unzip it and you’ll find the .ino sketch source code and a subfolder called ‘libraries’. This subfolder contains any code library required to make the sketch code work. What you do here is copy the contents of this libraries folder – NOT the folder itself but the stuff inside the folder – and copy it to the libraries folder in the Arduino IDE installation folder. (Obviously, you need to install the Arduino IDE first).

Once you’ve copied the files across, restart the IDE (if you have it open, you must close it and open it again so that the new files will be recognised). Choose File/ Load and load in the new project .ino file.

From here, you can modify the code or program your Arduino board.

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