My stories inside APC magazine – January 2015 issue

apc1501The January 2015 issue of APC magazine goes on sale today! And it’s a reasonably busy month for me:

* first up, I take a quick look at maximising the lifespan of your solid-state drives. I have a half-a-dozen tips I use to ensure I get maximum value and performance from my SSDs that should help you too.

* next, I look at how you can get Android 5.0/Lollipop features now on your old KitKat/4.4 or Jelly Bean/4.3 & earlier devices. Lollipop may well not turn up for older devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S3, but you can still get much of that┬áLollipop goodness anyway. I’ll show you how.

* after that, my Arduino Masterclass looks at the power of LEDs and binary counting with three easy projects you can do with any Arduino Uno microcontroller board. We even turn the Arduino Uno into a simple binary adding machine.

* And finally, my Learn to code Java Masterclass heads off into the world of loops – for loops, while loops and do-while loops. We look at all three and finish our Coffee Cup kiosk interface. We even calculate the value of Pi from scratch.

That, plus bucketloads more you’ll find in the new January 2015 issue of APC magazine, out now at all good newsagents and stockists, or subscribe online.

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