My stories inside APC Magazine August 2015 issue

apc418The new August 2015 issue of APC magazine is out and I’ve been a busy beaver:

* Windows 10 is here! Well, it will be in a few days. But before you decide to grab the upgrade, I’ve written a 14-page guide on all the important bits – all the changes (there are plenty), all the additions, plus I take a look at the bits that have gone missing. This could be one of the most significant Windows releases since Windows 95, so it’s well worth getting a handle on the new OS.

* Dial M for Android. Windows 10 isn’t the only new operating system on the way. In this issue, I take a look at the up-coming Android M OS and look at the improvements Google will be trotting out when the new OS is released later this year, including how it could revolutionise battery charge speeds.

frac* Powering your Arduino projects. Arduino is a great starting point for building your own smart gadgets, but it seems most builders think you either use a USB port or a 9V battery to power them. In this story, I delve into the various options, how Arduino has multiple options for power. I also show you how you can power an Arduino with a single ‘AA’ battery.

* Drawing shapes in GUI apps. The latest in my Java Coding Masterclass series sees us up to how to draw 2D shapes in graphical user interface (GUI) applications. In particular, we combine coding with some basic mathematics to create Mandelbrot fractal animations. The story includes all the source code you need to load and run your own.

And of course, there’s plenty else going on in this issue – APC magazine August 2015 issue. Out now.


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