Building the Nanoscope Zero

Hi APC readers,

If you’re looking to build the Nanoscope Zero project in the January 2017 issue of APC, be aware that we’ve had to make a couple of changes. Shortly after we went to press, we found a second OLED panel identical to the one we used originally had begun arriving on the market, but with reverse polarity on the two power pins.

While the project works perfectly with the original OLED panel we’ve used, drop the alternate panel in and it’ll fry itself. The project can be made to work with this second panel, but you must change the wiring. How do you tell which panel is which? That’s what this story is all about.

Two different panels

We’ve since purchased some of these new panels and on the surface, they look identical – same size, resolution, same chip, same pin count. But look closely and you’ll notice that the GND and VCC pins have been swapped. (Just why this was done, goodness knows…)

The one on the left with the GND pin on the outside is the original panel and the one the magazine project story is designed for – we’re calling that MODEL A. The one on the right with the VCC pin on the outside is the new one – we’re calling this one MODEL B.

The overlay diagram in the magazine is for MODEL A panels ONLY.

If you have a MODEL B panel, you must use the following overlay diagram:

Other than that, there is no difference to the firmware – you can use the same nanoscope_zero.ino file for both versions.

As for the source code, you’ll find it on the APC website at Password: arduinorocks.






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