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XVCD – DVD video on CD-R media

I was curious to see a post of at MaximumPC talking about the Compact Disc turning 26 and how the “damn thing just won’t die”.
Personally, I can’t see that happening any time soon.
The world may be jumping about the music download bandwagon but if you’re interested in listening to music in the highest quality still possible, CD is still the way to go.
And although CD-Rs may have well and truly been bypassed for storage capacity, they’re a… Read more

Netbooks – SSD or HDD?

Apart from choosing your desired operating system, the other major choice you’ll have to make when choosing a netbook is whether you want a solid-state drive (SSD) or a traditional hard-disk drive (HDD).
SSDs offer a more rugged solution, which means they’ll survive that accidental drop a lot better than a hard drive – and that may be important if you’re about to send this netbook of to school with little Johnny.
However, it’s important to weigh up that ruggedised… Read more

UserOS Home Server tip: Burn the disc the right way

If there’s one common problem that has occurred with our UserOS operating systems, it’s the mistake of burning the ISO image from the cover disc as an ordinary data disc, when it needs to be an ISO disc.
In order to get burn the disc right, you’ll need to choose the “burn ISO image to disc” option rather than just creating an ordinary data CD.
Now all burning tools do this job differently so I’ll be releasing an ISO Image… Read more

What price Apple to launch a netbook?

Asus’ Eee PC may well have started life with a 600MHz-clocked Celeron-M processor but the chip all netbook vendors are clamouring for is Intel’s made-to-order Atom N270 processor. But as InfoWorld is reporting, Intel can’t make – or rather, test – enough of the chips to meet demand.
US PC giant Dell joined the likes of Asus, MSI, Pioneer Computers and Acer this week with its new Inspiron Mini 9 and with Chinese vendor Lenovo due to deliver its first… Read more

Want your Mini 9 in white? That’ll be $US25 extra please…

While Dell’s new Inspiron Mini 9 netbook has just gone on sale in the US, US consumers will be in for a shock when they go to pony up for the “alpine white” version – Dell is asking for a $US25 premium for the privilege.
The starting prices being offered for both the Ubuntu and Windows XP Home Edition models are for the black version only. The company is charging an extra $US25 for the Alpine White option on all… Read more