Quad-core Pendo Pad 7 for $30 @ Coles

Coles Supermarkets are selling the Pendo Pad 7 PNDPP44Q7GPBLK quad-core Android KitKat/4.4 tablet for $30 – but you’ll need to be quick.
I managed to pick up one from my local Coles, but it was the last one.
The Pendo Pad 7 is no Google Nexus 7, for sure – but hey, it’s a $30 tablet. Having played with it for the last couple of hours, I’m not going to complain too much at that price.
Here’s a basic run-down… Read more

Run KitKat on your PC

One of the problems with running newer operating systems on older PCs is they just tend to struggle under the weight. Sure, they’re designed to run in the same amount of RAM as their predecessors (at least in the case of Windows), but that doesn’t always help much.
One of the quieter and more interesting OS efforts in recent times has been the Android-x86 project. You might be having trouble getting a KitKat/Android 4.4 update for your phone or tablet, but… Read more

USB charging secrets

Everyone wants their mobile device to charge faster – but some of the things you’ll read (and sometimes even buy) do more to slow down charge speeds than anything else. There’s quite a bit of guff about the place when it comes to mobile device charging – and the best way to get informed is to understand just how USB charging works.
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The best Chromecast alternatives

Google’s Chromecast has landed in Australia for $AU49 and it’s already creating a buzz. But it’s not the only way to get movie content streamed around your home. Over at APC magazine, I’ve taken a look at the different alternatives from those that will cost you nothing using your existing Android hardware; to others that make use of low-cost ARM-powered devices running Android 4.0 or later, including mini PCs like this quad-core J22 pictured here.
Chromecast is a great alternative to… Read more

REVIEW: Sony Xperia Tablet Z now up at TechLife

The tablet hits keep on coming with my review of Sony’s Experia Tablet Z having just appeared on TechLife’s website.
Qualcomm is one of the three leading ARM-class processor makers creating its own tech (the other two are Apple and Nvidia) and churning out SoCs with excellent performance and battery life.
Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z really impressed us – you can read the full review over at the TechLife website.… Read more