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New #arduino code for Rolly Mk. I robot

My Rolly Mk. I robot in APC magazine last year has been a huge hit with readers, but some have had trouble with various parts of the project, so I’ll quickly address a couple of them here.
First, NEW CODE – the good news is some new code. In fact, in this month’s issue of APC magazine, I’ve designed the new and improved Mk. II robot with an new acrylic chassis. Why good news? Because the new Mk. II software should… Read more

12 Arduino projects you can build [including #arduino source code]

One of the most enjoyable jobs I have is playing around with Arduino and making Arduino projects! It’s probably the only job where I get to combine my knowledge and university training in computers and electronics at the same time!
My Arduino Masterclass in APC magazine has been running for 18 months now (and still going strong!). I’ve built up a sizeable list of projects, so I thought it was time to put them together in an easy-to-grab list.
They cover… Read more

[ARDUINO PROJECT] Build a stereo peak program meter with #arduino

My Arduino Masterclass story on how to build a Stereo Peak Program Meter has just gone up on the APC magazine website.
Peak Program Meters (PPMs) have essentially replaced the old VU meter in audio recording, thanks largely to the shift to digital recording. A PPM measures logarithmic voltage changes but in a linear display. Specifically, my project uses an Arduino Nano to show a stereo analog audio input on two banks of ten LEDs. The trick here is that you… Read more

Inside APC May 2014 – the new Rolly Mk. II robot

It’s a bit of a lighter month for me in the new May 2014 issue of APC, but hopefully still entertaining!
In my Android Masterclass, I take a look at Chromecast Alternatives. Google’s Chromecast dongle isn’t the only way to remote stream media content to your big-screen TV. This is the first of a two-part series that looks at and shows you how to set up alternatives – using gear you mostly likely already have.
In my Arduino Masterclass, we… Read more

Inside APC April 2014 issue (out today)…

It’s another jam-packed issue of APC, this time the April 2014 issue and specifically, from me, you’ll find:
* a labs round-up of uninterruptible power supplies or UPSs – you might be able to, but I can’t remember the last UPS round-up I read, so it might be safe to say these don’t come around too often. If you’re looking for a way to gracefully power down your PC (or almost anything) during a storm or black-out, get one of… Read more