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Latest changes break Arduino twitter project

In the September 2013 issue of APC magazine, I wrote up my Arduino project for a Twitter-based weatherstation, which, really, was an excuse to show off the Arduino Uno’s ability to send and receive tweets, opening up all sorts of tasty possibilities.
But just before we went to press, Twitter change from 1.0 to version 1.1 of its REST API and everything broke. We were using the excellent Twitter library from Markku Rossi and while the API change broke the library,… Read more

Stereo Peak Program Meter – schematic

In this month’s 400th issue of APC magazine, my Arduino Masterclass shows you how to build a stereo peak program meter (a modern-day VU meter). Unfortunately, the circuit diagram was published a little small, so if you’re having trouble reading it, click on the thumbnail opposite for a larger view.
It uses an Arduino Nano plus some multiplexing tricks to create a stereo display consisting of 10 LEDs per channel, each set to 6dB (so as set, the display shows… Read more

How to hack the Attacknid

The remote control attack robot called Attacknid by Canadian inventor Jamie Mantzel burst onto the scene to become one of the most popular robotic toys of 2013. I first saw it when it arrived in APC Labs in early 2013, but I have to admit my first thoughts were ‘could it be hacked?’. Having a remote control is great but wouldn’t it be great to make it an autonomous walker.
After stripping the attack hardware and pulling the unit apart, it isn’t… Read more

APC magazine hits 400 not-out!

Well played, APC – 400 not-out! Very few tech magazines around the world can lay claim to 400 monthly issues, but APC can!
This issue is a particularly busy one for me:
* I go down a literal ‘memory lane’ and look at just how far computer hardware has come since the first issue of APC in May 1980, covering all sorts of hidden treasures, from the TRS-80 MC-10 and Australia’s own home-grown Microbee to the days of the ‘Slot’… Read more

Inside APC magazine’s Feb 2014 issue

The Feb 2014 issue has been a busy one for me with a number of stories:
* As part of the huge ‘Best Tech Secrets‘ cover feature, I round up some of my best tips on PC hardware and upgrades, tech-shopping secrets, Android and media-streaming… Read more.
Tips include how to include Bluetooth audio to any audio system for just $5, how to protect your SSD from over-wear, why phones and tablets aren’t the only place you can