APC magazine

Inside APC July 2013 issue

I’ve been busy inside this month’s APC magazine with my Ultimate SSD Guide, looking at some of the popular SSD performance tips around (including some you shouldn’t use and why).
I also look at how you can break through the 1000MB/second barrier using RAID0 SSD arrays on recent Intel motherboards.
There’s a look at how long will your SSD last… Read more and the mechanisms behind how you can tell the lifespan of your drive.
You’ll also find my write-up of

[UPDATED][Download] Link for APC UserBench Encode HD benchmark

Looks like the monkeys got stuck into the APC website over the last couple of days.
If you’re looking for the download link for my APC UserBench Encode HD benchmark, you’ll find it at:
Instructions are in the issue but remember, it comes with no warranty whatsoever – use it at your own risk.
That said, it is basically the same version I developed for PC User in 2011 with the same basic source code – that means if… Read more

APC Magazine’s June 2013 issue

This month’s issue of APC magazine has been a busy one for me with a big feature on Intel’s up-coming Haswell-codenamed processor.
We go inside the silicon, looking at the new features and why power consumption is the new black in computing.
In Masterbuilder, I put together a solid PC/gaming server build for under $900.
There’s also my Android Masterclass… Read more on how to return your rooted and ROM’d smartphone back to original condition using Samsung’s popular Galaxy S2/3