So, I upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 8.1…

Necessity forced my hand in the end and I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to iOS 8.1.
Now I actually hadn’t ever upgraded this tablet and it was still running the original 5.1.2 release it was bought with, so it was already lightning quick. As a result, I was expecting a pretty significant chunk of performance to go sailing off into the ether.
I’m not sure what the circus of 8.0.x was like (except obviously not positive for… Read more

Should I upgrade to iOS 8?

The one thing I’ve applauded Apple for that Android device makers have done rather poorly on is the whole continuous stream of OS updates. Whereas Android devices are often abandoned by their makers after two years and rarely see updates after one, Apple is still churning out versions of its latest releases of iOS for quite old devices.
The new iOS 8 is a case in point – you can now install this update onto an ageing iPad 2.
But… Read more

New iPad Air & Mini reviews on APC wesbite

In one of my recent features for APC magazine, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest iterations of Apple’s popular iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display tablets.
You can read the full reviews by following the links above to the APC website.
But it’s interesting that in Apple’s recently announced quarterly results, sales of iPad tablets are falling while the iPhone continues to be the company’s cash cow.
There is growing disquiet… Read more

Apple iPhone 5c pricing – does Apple think the Aussie dollar has further to fall?

One of the more difficult things for an international company is working out global pricing. Smartphone giant Apple clearly has had plenty of those discussions over the last few weeks leading up to the launch of its Apple iPhone 5c smartphone overnight.
The second-cab off the rank to the new flagship iPhone 5s, the new iPhone 5c comes in two basic models to be released in Australia – a 16GB release at $739 and a 32GB version for $869.┬áCompare that… Read more

Australian pricing for iPad 2?

It’s been happy to tell everybody about its latest toy since it went on sale in the US a week ago but Apple has yet to reveal the one feature that everyone is waiting to see.
The price.
The cheapest original iPad was the 16GB WiFi model for $629. It’s been selling for $398 at Big-W stores and the same version in iPad 2 form is selling for only $499 in the US.
So what prices can we expect to… Read more