Building the Nanoscope Zero

Hi APC readers,
If you’re looking to build the Nanoscope Zero project in the January 2017 issue of APC, be aware that we’ve had to make a couple of changes. Shortly after we went to press, we found a second OLED panel identical to the one we used originally had begun arriving on the market, but with reverse polarity on the two power pins.
While the project works perfectly with the original OLED panel we’ve used, drop the alternate panel… Read more

Learning Arduino Basics #2 – weather measurements

One of the great things about microcontrollers is that they allow you straddle the divide of pure electronics hardware and computing software.
Now there’s no substitute for seriously learning the two, but Arduino is a great way to strike out gently in both directions – you can learn the basics of coding and combine it with some simple electronics. The more you learn, the more you can branch out into the ‘internet of things’ and start building your own smart… Read more

Source code for my Arduino Digital Audio Recorder

One of the most popular (and one of the trickiest) Arduino projects I’ve designed so far is the Arduino Digital Audio Recorder. It appeared in APC magazine issues #403 and #404. It turned an ordinary Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller board into a WAV format audio recorder that can capture 8-bit audio at up to 48kHz and store it on a FAT-formatted microSD card.
I’ve made use of and want to thank the authors of the sdfatlib library, which makes the FAT filesystem possible on an… Read more

My new Arduino project – Big-Screen Sports Timekeeper

A few months ago, I turned one of the Dot-Matrix Display (DMD) boards from Australian makers Freetronics into an Audio Spectrum Analyser in my APC magazine Arduino Masterclass*, but in the new October 2014 issue of APC, I’ve used it for something more traditional – a big-screen sports timekeeper.
Most local sporting clubs end up relying on a guy with a stopwatch and a whistle, but this 32×16-LED panel can be combined with a simple Arduino Uno microcontroller to create… Read more

How to use my APC Arduino project code

Over the last little while, I’ve had a few readers looking for help on how to get started with Arduino projects and my APC Arduino Masterclass series in particular.
The first thing you’ll need is the Arduino integrated development environment or IDE – this is where you write your code or load my .ino source code (called ‘sketches’ in Arduino-speak) and program your Arduino Uno board. Grab this from (Windows users, Mac OS X and Linux users can grab the… Read more