I built a quadcopter – inside TechLife August 2013 issue

I’ve had a blast over the last month or so, delving into the world of drones or multicopters and inside TechLife’s new August 2013 issue, I walk the talk and build my own quadcopter… Read more design.
There’s plenty of controversy about drones at the moment but from a technical viewpoint, they’re pretty amazing, particularly when they’re pretty much driven with little more than Arduino-grade processing.
So in TechLife this month, we look at the whole multicopter craze, where it’s come from,

Meet Rolly the Robot’s new walking mate, Stompy (APC Magazine, July 2013)

Stompy is my new little mate. A quadruped or four-legged walker, he walks on his own thanks to some new Arduino ‘special sauce’. He uses ultrasonics to watch where he’s going and he gets along at a nice clip.
But he also has a new trick – unlike many other walking robots that require one battery for the Arduino plus another to drive the robot motors, Stompy only uses one battery.
And he should cost you less than $100 to… Read more

Arduino Micro – the tiny sub-$10 microcontroller board

For the better part of the last year, I’ve been writing a masterclass in APC magazine on Arduino, the global success story that is the little open-source 8-bit/16MHz microcontroller board developed in Italy.
There have been plenty of developments in recent times from the Arduino team, including the new ARM Cortex M3-powered Due that takes the Arduino Uno’s big brother, the Arduino Mega, to new heights.
But I have to admit to being gobsmacked by the tiny Arduino Micro, which… Read more

New Arduino Robot Masterclass goes up on APC website

One of the great things about Arduino is its ability to lots of fun stuff. Rolly is a simple mini robot I developed for APC magazine that shows how easy it is to get this little microcontroller board to think for itself and navigate around in the big wide world.
Even with rechargeable batteries, it shouldn’t cost you more than $80 to build. The APC story covers everything – the parts you need, how to put it together and importantly, the… Read more

Learning to program Arduino…

Arduino is the name for an little open-source 8-bit microcontroller board developed in Italy and designed to teach students not just how to program but also the real-world issues of interfacing digital technology with real world devices like LEDs, motors, speakers, sensors and more.
For the last eight months or so, I’ve been writing an Arduino Masterclass in APC magazine and so far, we’ve covered building:
* an electronic die
* digital thermometer/hygrometer
* a personal TV weather channel
*… Read more