Buyers’ Guide

How to be tech-safe this Christmas

It’s Christmas, which means there’ll be mountains of tech from all corners of the globe soon to be unwrapped. But while you’re enjoying your new swag, make sure you give a thought to safety – particularly when it comes to AC mains power adapters.
Many tech devices now get their power through a USB socket from tiny lightweight AC plug-in adapters. They’re convenient and you can buy these USB power adapters almost anywhere.
But you need to be careful –… Read more

What tech should you buy before EOFY?

So here we are again, June 30 and the end of another financial year – although it’s more like ‘Christmas Eve’ for retailers specialising in selling to businesses, particularly with all of the ads bombarding you to grab those EOFY specials.
But it’s worth asking the question – what tech should you buy before EOFY? Are there tech gadgets you should buy now to save money rather than waiting until you need them?
Personally, I don’t think are. And here’s… Read more

What’s happened to hard drive prices lately?

If you’ve been watching PC component prices lately, you might have noticed that hard drives have gone up in price but as much as 50% or more.
SSDs (solid state drives) have also risen slightly but nowhere near the same level.
The reason? The devastating floods in Thailand. The majority of the world’s platter-based hard drives come out of the Thai technology basin and the floods have affected drive production along with everything else.
At this stage, word is that… Read more

Why battery cell counts are useless for knowing battery life

Battery life is one of the three major factors that determine the sale of a notebook – the other two I suggest are performance and weight.
However, notebook marketing has reduced the real measure of battery life down to a simple indicator – cell count. You either get a “three-cell” battery or a “six-cell” battery.
The problem though is that cell count is too vague to be of much use.
The actual measure of a capacity of a battery is… Read more

Why driver software is killing the planet

I hate having to throw stuff away.
Not junk that no longer works but good, working equipment.
The latest bit of kit that I’m increasingly looking like having to ditch is an Epson Perfection 1250 scanner. It’s a perfectly good scanner that does a terrific job. Yep, it’s about 1000 years old but it’s in perfect nick and hasn’t missed a bit.
But a recent upgrade to the 64-bit version of Windows 7 means that it looks like I have… Read more