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Create a bootable live Linux USB flash drive with PC User Linux USB Installer 1.5

There are a number of Linux USB installers around, for sure, but this was one we used to use on Australian PC User… Read more magazine and as I promised some time ago, I’m making some these apps available here.
Linux USB Installer 1.5 is about as simple as they come – you select the ISO image of the Ubuntu release you want to install, make sure your flash drive is selected (NOTE: you must have an installed USB flash drive before

Where’s the September 2013 APC Arduino Twitter code?

Some of you may have heard that APC magazine and its sister title, TechLife… Read more, were sold by Bauer Media to the UK publisher, Future Publishing on August 16.
As a result, I suspect there might be at least a change of host server where the sketches for my Arduino projects are stored.
So for a short time, the Arduino sketch for APC September 2013 issue will be posted here.
That means the sketch for the September 2013 issue isn’t up

UserOS HomeServer 2013 update report

This is coming along slowly.
At this stage, I’ve decided to build it around the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS base but it won’t look anything like 12.04 LTS – instead, it will maintain the Xfce desktop environment. Why not 13.04? The main reason is that 12.04 has a five-year support (long term support) plan, which is more important than having the latest widgetry inside 13.04.
The iTunes server may not happen – there have been various cat-and-mouse issues with it and… Read more

Learn your times tables with free SpeedTables app

One of the things I actually enjoyed doing as a kid was learning my times tables – okay, call me weird. But it really helped me with my maths (math for my US visitors) and I’d have been stuffed without learning them as early as I did.
So to help out the next generation, I wrote a basic app called SpeedTables… Read more that lets you drill your times tables. You can even take the MegaTest to see how well you know

New electronics site

Putting all my electronics notes on this site is going to get a bit confusing especially for those who may not be interested in that and would rather just know more about my PC User work.
So, I’ve moved my electronics stuff to a new site – http://darrenyates.com.au/electronics.
This will be where I’ll keep circuit ideas, stuff published in Electronics Australia and Silicon Chip as well as my valve stuff.
But remember, this will have to take a back seat… Read more