Raspberry Pi Model B+: what’s new? (Spec comparison)

It’s become one of the most popular DIY computers in history and today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken the wraps off what will likely be the last revision of its first-generation Raspberry Pi single-board computer.
The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ is a clever revision that sees considerable changes to the printed circuit board layout to accommodate improvements to the Pi’s feature list.
While the CPU is still Broadcom’s 700MHz BCM2835 ARMv6 Applications Processor Unit, the Model B+ comes with… Read more

The secret of the ‘double dabble’

Tech people always seem to come up with strange names for all sorts of things – one of them is the ‘double-dabble’, a way of converting binary (base-2) to decimal (base-10). The name might be a bit weird, but the cool thing is it’s fast and you can do it by-hand.
Let’s say we wanted to convert the 8-bit binary number, 11101001 (base-2), to decimal.
Here’s how you do it:

The original binary number is highlighted in yellow (MSB…LSB). You start… Read more

Innovation Fair shows tech future in good hands

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the University of Wollongong’s annual Innovation Fair and it was fantastic to see the ideas students in the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering were coming up with.
Frankly, some of the projects I saw were just astounding in their development and completion. The Innovation Fair is run much like (I imagine) Science Fairs in the US with new ideas presented at various stalls with awards given at the… Read more

Analog TV ends in Australia end of this year

It’s been a constant companion for nearly 60 years, but on December 31 this year, the lights will go out on the remaining analog TV transmitters in Australia’s capital cities.
Form January 1, 2014, all major licensed TV transmissions in Australia will be digital only.
If you’re not ready to ‘go digital’, there’s no need to panic – you’ve still got the better part of six months.
Even if you’re not in a position to pick up a shiny new… Read more

Huge 3D printing feature in TechLife’s May 2013 issue

There’s no doubt 3D printing is taking the world by storm – the ability to turn your ideas into software drawings and finally into physical objects is capturing everyone’s imagination.
I’ve written a big 3D Printing Revolution cover feature in the current May 2013 issue of TechLife magazine, where I don’t just review a printer, but build one. You can even see a time-lapse video of me putting it together in the TechLife Labs’ ‘shed’.
There’s a complete Buyers’ Guide… Read more