Linuxs distros and RDBMS Labs test for ITNews

After some long hours, I’ve just completed my first labs test story for Australian business tech news website itnews, looking at Linux distros and relational database management systems (RDBMSs) – MySQL and MariaDB, in particular.
All the major Linux server distros feature at least one DBMS, but working out which is the best combination would obviously take some serious time testing (hint: it does!), so I’ve taken the three most popular distros – CentOS 7.0, Debian 7.6.0 and Ubuntu Server… Read more

Sharing Linux printers with Windows 7 client PCs

It seems that sharing printers connected to a Linux computer so they can be seen on a Windows 7 computer on the same network isn’t as easy as it should be.
Even if you go through the process of setting on the printer on the Linux computer and setting it to “shared”, Windows 7 computers will still fail to see it.
This is particularly true if you’re trying to combine CUPS with Samba so that you can see the printer… Read more

UserOS operating systems and Wi-Fi wireless networking

The response we’ve had from UserOS Select has been terrific with a number of users loving the idea of having their own mini repository to install apps from.
However, there has been growing interest in users wanting to know how our PC User distros cope with wireless networking.
The answer is “mostly okay” for the latest releases to “not so good” for the earlier ones. The reason for this is that the Linux kernel is slowly improving the number of… Read more

PC User October 2010 issue – UserOS Select 10.04

Things in PC User Labs have been absolutely crazy over the last few weeks with a bumper October 2010 issue of PC User coming out in a week or so.
We’ve got cameras and inkjet multi-function devices hanging about everywhere but on the cover disc, we’ve got our latest operating system, UserOS Select 10.04.
This operating system is very different – it’s based on Ubuntu 10.04… Read more but it comes with very little: codecs, Flash, Firefox 3.6 and that’s about it.

Ubuntu 10.04 is out!

Ubuntu 10.04 is finally out! You can grab a copy here… Read more.
Having played with the first Beta and the Release Candidate, I’m hopeful that 10.04 could be a bit of a breakout release for Canonical and for Linux in general.
There are many different releases of Linux (including PC User’s own UserOS series) however, the theme and styling chosen for 10.04 is definitely the cleanest Canonical has produced so far.
What’s more, it’s nice that this has coincided with