Two more sleeps until Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

With barely a couple of days before its release, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is one of the most anticipated releases of Canonical’s open-source operating system.
With integrated support for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, along with social networking and on-line storage, 10.04 LTS should prove to be the most connected Ubuntu release so far.
And while there have been significant improvements in load times (at least with the Beta and RC releases), it’s interesting that this LTS will have fewer built-in… Read more

11 free Linux alternatives to has a reputation for being the premiere office suit for the Linux platform. Maybe so but these days, it’s not exactly a lean slab of software anymore, particularly if you just want to try a component and don’t actually want the whole box and dice. Netbooks are one device category that comes to mind, for sure.
But what are the alternatives? The reality is, for better or worse, the world is still dominated by Microsoft’s Office so any alternatives… Read more

Want to test Ubuntu 10.04 beta? Burn it to CD with ISOTorch.

With Ubuntu 10.04 not too far away, the first betas have begun arriving at the Ubuntu website… Read more.
If you want to give it a run, you’ll need to burn the ISO image download to CD for use on older PCs and for that, you’ll need an ISO image burning tool.
That’s what ISOTorch does – it burns ISO images to CD or DVD so you get an actual useable disc, in this case, of a Linux bootable distro.

Q&A – What alternatives are there to OpenOffice on Linux?

A. OpenOffice is a pretty big beast these days and not everyone will likely need everything it’s capable of doing.
For many users, a good word processor and spreadsheet will be enough.
If you’re looking for just that, the best options are Abiword for word processing and Gnumeric… Read more for spreadsheets.
Abiword is a full-function word processor with the ability to handle Microsoft Word documents. Gnumeric is a fully featured spreadsheet application that can likewise, open up Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Gnumeric

New UserOS column – starting May 2010 issue of Australian PC User

I’ll be starting a new column in the May 2010 issue of Australian PC User magazine, looking at Linux from the perspective of Windows users coming new to Linux. We’ll be using the current UserOS operating system of the time as the basis for discussion. We’ll look at how to set up the operating system as well as explain how you do things in Linux that you’d recognise from Windows. For example, we’ll look at Terminal (Linux equivalent of the… Read more