UserOS Ultra 9.10 – out next week in PC User April 2010 issue

We’ve been busy over the last couple of months putting the finishing touches to our latest Linux operating system, UserOS Ultra 9.10. It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally happy with the way that this Ubuntu-based operating system has come up.
It basically picks up where our original UserOS Ultra 7.10 operating system left off but with new drivers and some extra features. It’s also still small enough that it not only fits on a 700MB CD-R but… Read more

New UserOS column coming to Australian PC User!

Good news for UserOS fans – we’re set to introduce a new monthly UserOS Linux column in the magazine, where we’ll be looking at features specifically relating to our exclusive UserOS operating systems. So, not only will you get a pretty decent Linux distro but we’ll give you on-going advice on how you can make it better.
So, if you’ve never tried Linux before, this will be the ideal opportunity to see what all the fuss is about as well… Read more

UserOS Extreme 9.04 – coming to October 2009 PC User

In less than two weeks, you’ll be able to give our latest operating system a go – UserOS Extreme 9.04. Based on the recent Ubuntu 9.04 release, we’ve built the new operating system from the ground up. You’ll be able to read in the October 2009 issue exactly what we did but we took a new approach to the operating system. It’s not based on an existing distro.
As usual, it’s loaded to the back teeth with lots of extra… Read more

Ubuntu 9.04 ready for download Thursday April 23

The next version of Canonical’s popular Linux distro will be available for download on April 23 (count on April 24 for Australian users) and will come with a number of feature enhancements including better support for netbooks.
It’ll also feature improvements to message notification as well as the GNOME desktop environment.
I’ll be working on a number of new ideas we’re keen to try out with 9.04 as work begins on the next UserOS operating system. Some of these ideas… Read more

Linux to help the South African Cricket Team?

It might not quite turn out to be exactly like that but it’s certainly not going to do the specific brand of Linux any harm.
The current Test series between Australia and South Africa may well be already in the pocket of a victorious Australian side but the win has lead to widely reported rumblings within the South African camp.
In a bid to avoid a 3-0 whitewash, the South African team leadership has called on Bishop Desmond Tutu to… Read more