Operating systems

Run KitKat on your PC

One of the problems with running newer operating systems on older PCs is they just tend to struggle under the weight. Sure, they’re designed to run in the same amount of RAM as their predecessors (at least in the case of Windows), but that doesn’t always help much.
One of the quieter and more interesting OS efforts in recent times has been the Android-x86 project. You might be having trouble getting a KitKat/Android 4.4 update for your phone or tablet, but… Read more

Windows XP enters the last mile – support ends in one year

It’s the operating system that has lasted longer than any other, but Microsoft has today begun flagging that its ever-popular Windows XP has entered into the final phase of official support.
The software giant will officially end support for the 2001-era OS in exactly a year’s time on April 8, 2014. That means there’ll be no more technical support or security updates made available after this date.
Windows XP’s popularity continues to confound pundits and Microsoft alike with StatCounter still… Read more

Don’t by an Android tablet – yet

There are plenty of Android tablets available already and if you’re itching to get your hands on one, stick your hands in your pocket, sit on them if you have to but whatever you do, wait.
Current Android tablets are turning up with 1024×600-pixel screens – basically the equivalent of 10-inch netbook screens. The problem is that the latest available version on almost all tablets – Android 2.2 (Froyo) – is not equiped to handle this resolution.
Froyo at best… Read more

My new toy – a sub-$100 smartbook

[EDIT: 1/2/2011 – Changed my mind on doing this, mainly because there isn’t enough consistency yet in the products available – models come and go very quickly (at least the Ingenic JZ4730 model I bought). Models based on the WonderMedia WM8505 seem to be more plentiful, however, a 300MHz processor is just a little slow to run a current-gen Linux distro unless you go for a cut-down interface.
The other issue is that with OfficeWorks recently selling an Atom-based netbook … Read more

HP’s Slate and Microsoft Windows 7 – friends no more?

If you’re thinking of putting off that iPad purchase until you’ve seen HP’s Slate in the flesh, you might be waiting a bit longer than you think if new rumours are correct.
According to InformationWeek… Read more, it sounds as though the relationship between HP and Microsoft has soured over HP’s decision to pay $US1.2billion for Palm and it sounds like it will directly impact the up-coming Slate release.
I’ve found it quite strange that a product that was initially shown