PC User software

Update on PC User PerfectPC app reboot

One of my favourite PC User apps was PerfectPC… Read more, a system builder that allowed you to create your own PC build from over 1000 different components and even do it automatically to a budget.
However, by the time the app was withdrawn from circulation in 2011, it was getting pretty long in the tooth and had many changes bolted

Get PC User’s RockPod audio/video encoder – Free!

PC User’s RockPod 2 app is now available free for a very limited time on its website at www.pcuser.com.au.
It’ll encode a good range of audio and video formats and will encode to MPEG-4, H.264 and WMV. It also supports encoding to the latest smartphone screen sizes.
The app is free for personal use and works on any Windows XP,… Read more

Update 279 released for PC User RockPod 5

Update 279… Read more is now available for PC User’s new RockPod 5 app.
To install the update, just launch RockPod 5 (available on the cover disc of PC User’s January 2012 issue) and you’ll get notification of the new update. Just follow the prompts.
The update fixes a bug in the way preset options were being loaded when users pressed the

All versions of YouGrab 4 now fixed

The YouTube site changes that broke all versions of PC User’s YouGrab 4 download manager have now been corrected. You should be able to launch YouGrab 4 in either Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, see an update notification and download the latest update.
Install it and everything should run as before.
The changes also broke YouGrab 3 but as… Read more