PC User software

PC User software: UserBench Encode HD

[UPDATE: 31/July/2014 – Added the Linux and Mac OS X versions of the benchmark.]
There’s a long back-story to how the UserBench benchmark series came about that I tell one day, but at the time I developed the first one in 2005, it was the first PC benchmark developed in Australia.
PC User UserBench Encode HD was the last in the ‘Encode’ series and came out in 2010. Despite it’s age, it’s still a very relevant measure of performance today.… Read more

PC User software: System Spec Analyser

Okay, strictly speaking, I can’t remember if this was ever included on a PC User cover disc. It may have been available on the PC User website before it was shut down in June 2012, I’m not sure.
In any case, I designed this app some time ago while I was benchmarking PCs and notebooks during the monthly ‘Best Value PC’ roundups – that’s where we’d set a category or price and ask vendors to send us product. In the… Read more

PC User software: Windows 8 USB Installer

This app was originally published as ‘Windows 7 USB Installer’ in Australian PC User magazine, but upgraded at the end of 2011 when the first ‘consumer previews’ of Windows 8 were made available by Microsoft.
At the time of that release, if I remember correctly, Microsoft hadn’t yet released its own USB drive installer app, so I developed this one. Again, it’s very much like my¬†Linux USB Installer app in its simplicity – you select your Windows ISO image and… Read more

PC User Software: Linux USB Installer 1.5

There are a number of operating system-to-USB flash drive installers around, but I never found any of them quick and very simple to use.
So, to make it easier for newbies to try out Linux (and our UserOS distros in particular), I developed the PC User Linux USB Installer app for Australian PC User. This is version 1.5 and it’s about as simple as you can make one of these tools – you supply the location of your Debian-based Linux… Read more

UserOS operating system development restarts

Those of you who fondly remember Australian PC User magazine as I do may remember that I used to develop a series of Linux distros for the magazine cover disc called UserOS. Between 2008 and 2012, there were a number of releases including:
* UserOS Ultra – fast, lean with just enough apps to get you started
* UserOS Extreme – loaded up with lots of goodies, a complete OS lacking for nothing
* UserOS Rescue – a light ‘no-install’… Read more