Learn to code Java #2 – variables, inputs and interest rates

Working with electronics and microcontrollers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved and go deeper into your tech. There’s been much said of late about learning to code and I just want to throw my hat into that ring as well.
Learning to code will end up being one of the smartest things you’ll ever do – not just because you learn more about computing, but you learn how to think (yep, Steve Jobs… Read more

NSWGR Garratt 6029 returns to steam

Before it was a gaming platform, Steam used to mean the combination of heat and water and for more than 100 years, it powered locomotives that drove the world’s economies and epitomised the industrial age.
The Age of Steam officially ended in New South Wales in March 1973 as one of Australia’s largest ever steam locos, British-built Garratt 6042, steamed through a banner in Newcastle, north of Sydney, marking the occasion.
Five days ago, one of its siblings that escaped… Read more

Arduino Pro Micro, the tiny sub-$10 microcomputer

Those of you who’ve been following my Arduino Masterclass in APC magazine will know I’ve been using the standard Arduino Uno microcontroller board throughout the series.
But we recently received a request from a reader asking if it was possible to get an Arduino to work as a foot-operated mouse button. The answer is yes, and you’ll find it in the October 2013 issue of APC magazine, out now.
We’ve used the new Arduino Pro Micro, a tiny version of… Read more

How to encrypt your USB flash drive with TrueCrypt

Ever since I grabbed my first USB flash drive – an 8MB (yep, you read that right!) IBM DiskOnKey – I haven’t travelled without one since. There’s just no easier way to take your files to and from work. And unfortunately for many, there’s also no easier to lose them too. These little critters are always escaping from shirt and trouser pockets and falling into the hands of anyone who picks them up – along with all of your personal… Read more

APC May 2013 edition – out now!

The new May 2013 issue of APC Magazine hits the newsstands today.
Inside, I look at how to root and flash your smartphone (using Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and S3 phones as my examples). It’s not as hard as you think and there can be some pretty compelling reasons why you’d want to do it.
Also, in my Arduino Masterclass… Read more, I show you how to control an Arduino Uno microcontroller over your home network using a web browser and turn