XVCD – Part 2

One of the most attractive features of XVCD is the fact that it’s a format that doesn’t really exist in specifications but comes out of practical experience of low-cost Chinese-built DVD players.
It seems these manufacturers don’t really care too much for the exact letter of DVD/VCD specifications and go with the “spirit” of the specs instead. And that’s one of the major reasons why these budget players handle out-of-spec discs.
Now first up, I must stress that XVCD discs… Read more

UserOS Home Server – screenshots

Based on Xubuntu 8.04, UserOS Home Server 8.04 includes a number of apps to provide the “home server” functions Xubuntu by default lacks.
They include:
* BackupPC – allowing you to use Home Server as a central backup server for all of your home PCs and notebooks.
* VLC – handles the job of streaming videos and music around your home network. It can even transcode videos for low-bandwidth networks.
* MythTV – stream digital TV around your home network… Read more

Why Linux has come of age

Up until recently, the big-name PC brands have been decidedly reluctant to go with a Linux operating system on their mainstream desktops and notebooks. Dell with its option of Ubuntu on selected models is about as good as it got.
But with netbooks beginning to arrive in Australia and the US by the truckload, the brands have had to look at their costs and even Microsoft’s decision to keep Windows XP Home Edition around specifically for these devices hasn’t done… Read more