Quad-core smartphone CPUs: careful what you wish for

There’s an old adage in the car game that the last of the previous model will always be better than the first of a new one. I’ve seen that apply equally well to some computers over the years. But with everyone seemingly ditching their computers and being fixated by smartphones, the demand for increased performance seems to have carried over.
As a result, phone makers are working their magic to put the latest quad-core ARM processors inside new smartphones and… Read more

Adding Simple Video Converter to Windows XP

If you’re having a crack at the Simple Video Converter in this month’s issue of TechLife magazine, you may be pulling your hair out trying to get it to work on a Windows XP computer and finding nothing happens.
Well, before you start burning your TechLife magazine in protest, I’ve come up with a special Windows XP version. You still need the original svc.zip… Read more file from the magazine but grab this new update (it’s just 1KB – SimpleVideoConverterXPinstall.zip) and extract

Working on my next Arduino project for APC magazine

Last night, I just finished putting together a retro gaming console… Read more made from an Arduino Uno board. Those of you who follow my Arduino masterclass in APC magazine (www.apcmag.com) will see this in a few weeks. The trick is I’ve sourced actual arcade-grade components for this one. There’s a bit of soldering to do (as there should be in any good electronics project!) but it’s a simple and fun design (yes, it has lights) that should bring back plenty of

TechLife May 2013 issue – out now!

It’s been a long time between drinks and plenty of water under the bridge (and whatever other cliches and mixed metaphors you can insert here), but the May 2013 issue of TechLife is out now! :)
Inside, you’ll find what I call the world’s simplest video converter plus I get to build a 3D printer… Read more, the recently released Printrbot Jr we purchased from the US (there’s also a cool fly-on-the-wall time-lapse video of me putting it together!)
I’ve been

Update 279 released for PC User RockPod 5

Update 279… Read more is now available for PC User’s new RockPod 5 app.
To install the update, just launch RockPod 5 (available on the cover disc of PC User’s January 2012 issue) and you’ll get notification of the new update. Just follow the prompts.
The update fixes a bug in the way preset options were being loaded when users pressed the device slider controls too quickly, overwriting existing settings.
We also forgot to include the original preset file so after installing