All versions of YouGrab 4 now fixed

The YouTube site changes that broke all versions of PC User’s YouGrab 4 download manager have now been corrected. You should be able to launch YouGrab 4 in either Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, see an update notification and download the latest update.
Install it and everything should run as before.
The changes also broke YouGrab 3 but as that version is now more than a year old, there won’t be any further updates for this version.… Read more

FotoFrame – get more photos onto your digital photo frame

I’ve just released a new free software tool called FotoFrame… Read more.
In a simple phrase, it’s a bulk digital photo resizing tool designed to help you get more photos onto a digital photo frame.
]Digital photo frames are pretty popular at the moment. And they’re pretty easy to use – you just copy your digital photos either to the internal storage or to a flash card. You don’t need to do anything to those pics because the photo frame will

The King’s Speech

Yep, this has nothing to do with technology whatsoever. But if you see one film over the holiday period, make it this one.
One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are brilliant in their roles as King George VI and Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue.
Set in the tumultuous period leading up to World War II, its the stirring story of how Logue (Rush) uses unorthodox methods to overcome George VI’s… Read more

Six free alternatives to Microsoft Office 2010

With Microsoft about to release the new 2010 version of its iconic Office productivity suite, here’s a very quick run-through of seven alternatives you could consider.
And, by the way, they’re all free.
1. OpenOffice.org… Read more – the Godzilla of office suites, this is a branch of Sun Microsystem’s StarOffice payware office suite. Has everything, does everything but these days, a bit more bloated than most of us would like. Still, a safe choice for most people, available for Windows, Linux

Q&A – Do I need to buy a new computer to get USB3.0?

A. No, thank goodness. While motherboard manufacturers are waxing lyrical about it as a new feature on the latest motherboards, all you need to do is pick up a USB3.0 expansion card.
The only trick is that you’ll need to have a spare PCI-Express x1 slot – that’s the tiny little slot on newer PCI-Express motherboards. That doesn’t mean you need a brand-new motherboard either. There are boards going back to Intel’s 945-chipset that feature a PCI-E x1 slot (including… Read more