What the… ?

A couple of gongs from the Lizzies

Forgive me for being a bit indulgent as I don’t normally do it, but the 13th Annual IT Journalism Awards – affectionately known as ‘The Lizzies’ – were held at Sydney’s Luna Park last Friday night and I was thoroughly stoked to pick up two awards – Best Technical Journalist and Best Reviewer – for stories I’ve written in APC and TechLife magazines during 2014.
These awards recognise Australia’s IT journalism industry, from audio and video programs to websites including Cnet and Lifehacker,… Read more

Free set-top boxes? Has Labor lost the plot?

I don’t normally comment on political matters but I can’t let this one go through to the ‘keeper.
Frankly, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one stunned like a mullet over federal treasurer Wayne Swan’s “bold initiative” to give older Australians a free set-top box.
First off, what a great way to insult an entire generation. Clearly, once you’re on a pension, your ability to understand technology must fly out the window and you’re not capable of figuring… Read more

MSI L1350D price at Officeworks is wrong

If you’ve been reading the May 2011 issue of PC User and thought about taking a look at the MSI L1350D netbook at Officeworks for $269, don’t have a heart-attack (like we did!) when you see the price on the Officeworks website.
It’s wrong.
MSI informed us moments ago that the price on the website is incorrect. In fact, the price has been lowered to $249, $20 lower than we were told when the magazine went to print.
MSI is… Read more

LED lighting to give you a younger-looking you!

A story over at Gizmodo… Read more this morning is suggesting that someone has invented a way to use ordinary LEDs to give you younger-looking skin. Frankly, I hope the cosmetic industry doesn’t find out or else there’ll be millions out of a job.
Apparently, the idea is that red LED light somehow activates human skin cells to reduce sunlight damage. The inventor of this contraption says it works best with three 20-minute seconds for two weeks. At £75 a go (about