What the… ?

Q&A – Australian health reform achieves… what exactly?

I don’t normally talk about non-tech stuff but a fellow tech journo tweeted a very good question this morning.
“Can someone explain to me what the health reforms have achieved?”
In fact, it’s a damn good question.
Let’s look at what we had to start with – in NSW, the hospital system as I understand it is set up in Aero Health zones. They’re managed by the NSW Government via funding that comes through the Federal Government’s goods and services… Read more

Apple iPhone HD: are “product leaks” the new black in tech marketing?

It’s hard to believe that for a company as secretive about its operations as Apple, that something as important as a yet-to-be-released iPhone could disappear from the company’s grasp not once, but twice.
This latest story about what is being described as either a “lost” or “stolen” testbed iPhone HD is either an example of incredibly lax security or what could also be described as clever marketing.
Demand for information about Apple product – any Apple product – is so… Read more

Panasonic DMR-BW880 storage: Japan gets 1000GB, Australia only gets 500GB

Something isn’t sounding right with the announcement in Australia today of Panasonic’s new Blu-ray-ready digital video recorder range.
Either Panasonic’s local PR has got the specifications wrong or the company has decided that Australia doesn’t need to get the same storage consumers in Japan get.
The announcement made in Australia today states as follows:
The DMR-BW880 and DMR-BW780 offer 500GB and 250GB HDD recording respectively.
However, when these same models were announced in Japan on January 20 this year, they… Read more

Panasonic DMR-BW780/880: Why do PVRs continually arrive with small hard drives?

Panasonic has just sent through a press release outlining two new Blu-ray-ready PVR devices, the DMR-BW880 and DMR-BW780.
Both appear to have a decent list of features including DLNA-support (if you call that a feature), twin HD digital tuners and support for AVCHD video.
What I don’t understand is why consumer electronic companies insist on using such tiny hard drives?
Given the DMR-BW780 will sell for a hefty $1299, what do you think Panasonic includes for storage? A 1500GB hard… Read more

You know you’re a geek when…

1) You know how to dual-boot your netbook with Windows and Linux
2) You don’t bother with Windows or Linux on your netbook and just use Mac OS X instead.
3) You write your own Twitter client
4) You have more than one website
5) You write more than one Twitter client
6) You know what UAC is and why you hate it with a passion
7) You know what DRM is and why you hate it with a passion… Read more