What the… ?

You want to buy a 3D TV? Are you crazy?

It’s being spruiked by manufacturers and retailers alike. Harvey Norman boss Gerry Harvey is even being reported in the mainstream media as calling it the biggest thing since the introduction of colour. Technically, he might just be right – however, you’d be safe in thinking it just another nail holding up the wall of hype surrounding the release of this new technology.
Unfortunately, 3D TV however is very much like the Emperor who fashioned himself some new clothes – neither… Read more

IPTV – the latest way to waste your broadband quota

Okay, I admit it – I don’t get IPTV. With Sony Australia in the news announcing it will be releasing Internet Protocol Television in Australia this year, I just don’t get its appeal.
Yeah, I get the idea – loads more channels via the Internet blah blah blah… but… while it might work in the rest of the world, is it really going to work in Australia?
First up, as I see it, you need an ADSL2+ connection to make… Read more

64% electricity price rises? Here’s who to thank…

In case you haven’t heard, New South Wales electricity prices are set to rocket up 64% over the next three years. And with such an awesomely good deal we’ve been given, I’m sure we’d all like to thank as many of our politicians as we possibly can!
Seriously, if you think this, well, sucks – I can’t think of another word (that I can at least put in print) that covers it – now is the time to make your… Read more

Nice big-screen TV – pity you can’t afford to run it!

If you live in Australia, though your last electricity bill was a shocker, the friendly people at IPART – that’s Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal if you feel like writing somebody a letter – seems happy to tell us we ain’t seen nothing yet.
From July 1 this year, electricity prices in New South Wales are set to begin a steady – no, make that steep – climb that won’t end until 2013. By that time, your electricity bill will… Read more

Apple to charge $110 to fix dead iPad batteries – by giving you a replacement iPad

One of the features of recent Apple products I admit to disliking intensely is the built-in battery. The iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air and now the iPad either do or will feature built-in non-user-replaceable rechargeable batteries.
But rather than allow users to buy replacement batteries and fit them themselves, Apple is going to the extent of charging users US$107 to replace a battery in an iPad that no longer accepts a charge. The problem is that it won’t just replace the… Read more