What the… ?

The ultimate fast, light, hack-proof notebook – for $500?

When I first heard about the Australian Labor Goverment’s plan to offer every Year 9 to 12 student a free notebook computer, I immediately thought with a fair degree of cynacism, “this’ll be good”.
Sure enough, the plan fell flat when it turned out the government had allocated insufficient money for support and maintenance (which you already makes you start wondering just how serious this whole plan was in the first place.)
Well, the government has upped the per notebook… Read more

Web promoted over memorising facts for child learning

I don’t normally jump into education debates but I read a story on news.com.au this morning that basically stunned me into action.
The story says in its opening paragraph:
SCHOOL children no longer need to memorise facts and figures because everything they need is just a mouse click away, an internet educator says.
It would be better to teach children to think creatively so they could interpret and apply knowledge they gained online, said Don Tapscott, author of the bestselling… Read more

Netbooks boosting the Linux revolution? Rubbish.

It seems you can’t read through the Linux stories on Digg.com without seeing at least a story a day on how the rise of netbooks is boosting the Linux revolution. I’ll probably even have to admit to doing that myself in my own post on why Linux has come of age.
But unfortunately, it’s all turning out to be complete balderdash!! Linux may be surfing in on a wave of netbooks in other parts of the world but certainly not… Read more

Blu-ray: why no-one’s watching

Entertainment giant Sony has today announced another introduction of Blu-ray to the Australian market today with the start of an advertising campaign it hopes will have us all watching Blu-ray movies on a Blu-ray player by Christmas.
For many consumers it’s “Blu-what?” as they digest the bill of last year’s big Chrissy present – the big-screen telly. The real problem for Sony is that with the invention of a technology called “upscaling”, DVD movies actually look pretty darn reasonable… Read more

10 reasons why banning incandescent lamps is stupid

I know this isn’t likely to go down well with many people but Australia’s banning of incandescent light globes is one of the dopiest moves I’ve seen in a long time.
There’s been nothing said about which globes will be banned, whether its a blanket ban, whether its just standard fitting types or what but with the ban expected to come into force at the end of this year, time is running out for the old style light source.
Everyone… Read more