Fit more photos on your digital photo frame

* Resizes your photos to your digital photo frame’s native resolution.
* Bulk-resizes thousands of photos in one go.
* Enables you to load up to 15,000 photos onto a photo frame with 2GB storage.
* Runs on Windows or Mac OS X

Digital photo frames have become a popular way of showing off your favourite photos. But unless you’re prepared to buy a large flash card, there’s a limit on the number of photos you can load up.

The average digital photo from a 10-megapixel camera is about 5MB. If your digital photo frame as 2GB of on-board storage, that means you’re limited to 400 photos.

FotoFrame makes it possible to boost that number of 400 to over 15,000. Here’s how it works.

Your average digital photo frame has a screen resolution of around 800×600-pixels (some are as small as 480×234-pixels, others up to 1024×768-pixels). If you copy your 10MP photos straight from the camera to the digital photo frame, the frame will display those photos – but it first has to shrink them down to fit that 800×600-pixel (or similar) display. That means it’s actually throwing away most of the pixels, pixels that unnecessarily take up storage.

FotoFrame does the shrinking or “resizing” first, but it makes it incredibly easy to do. All you do is choose the folder of photos you wish to resize, another folder where you want to save the resized photos, select the resolution of your digital photo frame, select a quality setting and press the Convert button.

FotoFrame will then resize all of those photos automatically, whether the folder has one photo or 10,000 photos in it. When it’s done, you copy those photos to your digital photo frame and you’ll be able to fit far more than just the original 400. In fact, you should be able to load up as many as 15,000 photos on a typical 2GB frame or 2GB flash card.

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