UserOS Home Server – screenshots

Based on Xubuntu 8.04, UserOS Home Server 8.04 includes a number of apps to provide the “home server” functions Xubuntu by default lacks.
They include:
* BackupPC – allowing you to use Home Server as a central backup server for all of your home PCs and notebooks.
* VLC – handles the job of streaming videos and music around your home network. It can even transcode videos for low-bandwidth networks.
* MythTV – stream digital TV around your home network… Read more

Why Linux has come of age

Up until recently, the big-name PC brands have been decidedly reluctant to go with a Linux operating system on their mainstream desktops and notebooks. Dell with its option of Ubuntu on selected models is about as good as it got.
But with netbooks beginning to arrive in Australia and the US by the truckload, the brands have had to look at their costs and even Microsoft’s decision to keep Windows XP Home Edition around specifically for these devices hasn’t done… Read more

UserOS Home Server 8.04 and digital TV

One of the cool features in UserOS Home Server is its ability to stream digital TV around your home network, thanks to the inclusion of MythTV.
While the process works well, MythTV is limited to the number of digital TV tuner cards it supports. In short, you’ll find better support for internal PCI card type tuners than USB dongle types. However, that should change as MythTV continues to evolve.
We tested the MythTV part of UserOS Home Server using a… Read more

Introducing UserOS Home Server 8.04

I don’t feel as though I’ve stopped in the last six weeks but as of Wednesday, the October 2008 issue of PC User goes on sale with our brand-new operating system, UserOS Home Server.
Basically, we’ve looked at what Microsoft has done with Windows Home Server to see if we couldn’t do better with our own operating system aimed specifically at home entertainment and centralised storage.
UserOS Home Server is the most advanced operating system we’ve developed to-date. We started… Read more

100 years of amplification

While there has been quite a bit made of the 60th anniversary of the transistor this year (it was announced by Bell Laboratories on 1 July 1948), 2008 also marks the 100th anniversary of the first device capable of amplification.
The patent for what became known as the “triode” meant that for the first time, it was possible to amplify electrical signals, a feat that would have significant rammifications for worldwide telecommunications.
It enabled the first audio amplifiers when “talkie”… Read more

UserOS ULTRA 7.10 – any downloads?

There have been plenty of people looking for a download of PC User’s UserOS ULTRA operating system.
For the time being at least, we have decided not to offer it as a download option. Apart from the fact that the bandwidth costs would be crippling, we are working on UserOS ULTRA 8.10, which would make 7.10 a bit redundant.
We’re currently waiting for Canonical to release Xubuntu 8.10 to begin work on the operating system proper however, we’re looking into… Read more