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Building the Nanoscope Zero

Hi APC readers,
If you’re looking to build the Nanoscope Zero project in the January 2017 issue of APC, be aware that we’ve had to make a couple of changes. Shortly after we went to press, we found a second OLED panel identical to the one we used originally had begun arriving on the market, but with reverse polarity on the two power pins.
While the project works perfectly with the original OLED panel we’ve used, drop the alternate panel… Read more

My new ‘learn to code’ masterclass in APC magazine

One of my most favourite roles at PC User magazine was developing the in-house apps for the monthly cover disc. Not the stuff that was often unflatteringly called ‘shovelware’, but the PC User-branded apps – everything from the PerfectPC system builder app to various RockPod and TVRip video conversion tools, UserBench benchmarks and the UserOS operating systems.
It was all fun and incredibly interesting because you never did the same thing twice – it also helped me perfect my time… Read more

Inside APC April 2014 issue (out today)…

It’s another jam-packed issue of APC, this time the April 2014 issue and specifically, from me, you’ll find:
* a labs round-up of uninterruptible power supplies or UPSs – you might be able to, but I can’t remember the last UPS round-up I read, so it might be safe to say these don’t come around too often. If you’re looking for a way to gracefully power down your PC (or almost anything) during a storm or black-out, get one of… Read more

Building Rolly the Robot in APC magazine

Happy New Year, everyone.
My Rolly robot project in February and March 2013 issues of APC magazine has been a huge hit and I’m still getting lots of feedback and questions.
However, there seems to be an issue for some where only one motor seems to spin and Rolly ends up going around in circles.
The second part of this project in the March 2013 issue indicated that one of the motor drive controls was switched from M2 to M4… Read more

Where’s the September 2013 APC Arduino Twitter code?

Some of you may have heard that APC magazine and its sister title, TechLife… Read more, were sold by Bauer Media to the UK publisher, Future Publishing on August 16.
As a result, I suspect there might be at least a change of host server where the sketches for my Arduino projects are stored.
So for a short time, the Arduino sketch for APC September 2013 issue will be posted here.
That means the sketch for the September 2013 issue isn’t up