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My stories inside APC Magazine August 2015 issue

The new August 2015 issue of APC magazine is out and I’ve been a busy beaver:
* Windows 10 is here! Well, it will be in a few days. But before you decide to grab the upgrade, I’ve written a 14-page guide on all the important bits – all the changes (there are plenty), all the additions, plus I take a look at the bits that have gone missing. This could be one of the most significant Windows releases since… Read more

My stories inside APC magazine – February 2015

I’ve had a very busy month putting stories together for this latest issue of APC magazine:
* There’s a massive PC upgrade guide that I’ve contributed to, looking at all you need to know about CPUs, memory, cases and power supplies. PCs still rock and if you’re considering building your own, this guide is a must-read. If you think you still need a massive PSU or a traditional-looking case, think again. And prices are still remarkably low!
* I’ve also… Read more

Build a digital audio recorder with #arduino – June 2014 APC magazine

June is almost over and I’ve been remiss in not updating what’s happening inside the June 2014 issue of APC magazine:
* I’ve had a busy month, benchtesting the latest Android, iOS and Windows 8 tablets. The real surprise for me was the arrival of some decent Windows tablets at amazing prices that are well worth taking a look at.
* With Google having released Chromecast in Australia, I thought it timely to take a look at Chromecast alternatives in… Read more

Inside APC magazine Issue 398 (Jan 2014)

In APC magazine Issue 398 (out now in newsagents and available on iOS and Android):
* I look at the new KitKat version of Android (4.4) in my Android Masterclass series and how you can get it now free for a number of phones, even if your telco provider hasn’t released the update yet (HINT: many have updated to Android 4.3 yet!). We look at the upsides, as well as some of the pitfalls.
* In my Arduino Masterclass series… Read more

My new stories in APC magazine – December 2013 issue out now

I’ve had a busy month this month in APC magazine –
* In the return of ‘Master Builder’, I look at how to put together a custom Steam gaming box build around Mini-ITX hardware, plus a second one suited to home theatre use.
* With the hardware taken care of, I also look at setting up the software – not just Steam, but also XBMC… Read more. I’ve also included details on how to add short-cuts to each app for