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APC Magazine’s June 2013 issue

This month’s issue of APC magazine has been a busy one for me with a big feature on Intel’s up-coming Haswell-codenamed processor.
We go inside the silicon, looking at the new features and why power consumption is the new black in computing.
In Masterbuilder, I put together a solid PC/gaming server build for under $900.
There’s also my Android Masterclass… Read more on how to return your rooted and ROM’d smartphone back to original condition using Samsung’s popular Galaxy S2/3

APC May 2013 edition – out now!

The new May 2013 issue of APC Magazine hits the newsstands today.
Inside, I look at how to root and flash your smartphone (using Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and S3 phones as my examples). It’s not as hard as you think and there can be some pretty compelling reasons why you’d want to do it.
Also, in my Arduino Masterclass… Read more, I show you how to control an Arduino Uno microcontroller over your home network using a web browser and turn