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Building the Nanoscope Zero

Hi APC readers,
If you’re looking to build the Nanoscope Zero project in the January 2017 issue of APC, be aware that we’ve had to make a couple of changes. Shortly after we went to press, we found a second OLED panel identical to the one we used originally had begun arriving on the market, but with reverse polarity on the two power pins.
While the project works perfectly with the original OLED panel we’ve used, drop the alternate panel… Read more

My new Arduino project – Big-Screen Sports Timekeeper

A few months ago, I turned one of the Dot-Matrix Display (DMD) boards from Australian makers Freetronics into an Audio Spectrum Analyser in my APC magazine Arduino Masterclass*, but in the new October 2014 issue of APC, I’ve used it for something more traditional – a big-screen sports timekeeper.
Most local sporting clubs end up relying on a guy with a stopwatch and a whistle, but this 32×16-LED panel can be combined with a simple Arduino Uno microcontroller to create… Read more

Turn an Arduino Uno into a digital audio recorder

One of the great things about Atmel’s ATMEGA328P microcontroller that powers the Arduino Uno boards is the sheer versatility of the chip. It might only clock in at 16MHz and process data in 8-bit chunks, but it has so many practical real-world interface options that helps it punch well above its weight.
My favourite part of the chip is the ADC or ‘analog to digital converter’. By rights, it’s only a 10-bit ADC and only has a rated sample rate… Read more

Source code for 18 Arduino projects in APC magazine

I’m now up to Project 18 in my APC masterclass series on the Arduino microcontroller and I still get asked where the source code for these projects can be found.
You’ll find them all over at the APC Magazine website – including any extra tools for software.
This month’s project turns the Arduino Uno board into a digital audio recorder. You’ll find the software for it and 17 other Arduino projects at http://apcmag.com/arduino.htm.… Read more

The new Arduino-powered Rolly Mk. II robot – now up at APCmag.com

Fully-automated rolling robots don’t have to cost much, particularly now that there’s a low-cost acrylic chassis available that makes the job much easier.
I’ve built a few robots now over the last year or so, but this is the cheapest and easiest to get going so far.
The original Mk. I robot used a kitchen container lid as the chassis but using a readily-available eBay kit, you can now build a more robust model. Like the original, the Mk. II… Read more